White Wallabies

White Wallaby in Adventure Bay

White Wallaby

The White Wallaby

is unique to Bruny Island and can be found close to the habitations at the south side of Adventure Bay.  The other name for this Albino wallaby is ‘Painted wallaby’ .  The animal is completely white and flourishes in this small part of the island with a very healthy colony.

The White Wallaby can be observed at most times of day but the evening is when they are most obvious.  They are used to the attention of people and so it is possible to get quite close to them for a photo.  The video below has a good couple of shots of them close to the beginning.  If you are on a day trip from Hobart, then this unusual animal can normall be seen

Bruny Island has other quite rare species like the Swift Parrot and 40 Spotted Pardalote but the White Wallaby is probably the most accessable.

Below is a video of white wallabies on Bruny Island

Below is a map of the location of the best place to see the White Wallabies. Between te markers for Bruny Island cruises, an to the back in the bush.