Wedge Tailed Eagles

Wedge Tailed EagleThe Tasmanian Wedge Tailed Eagle (Aquila audax fleayi) is a reasonably common site whilst traveling around Bruny Island.   The Eagle is very big with a length of 100 to 110 cm and with wingspans of 1.9–2.3 m.  These birds are a top predator with very strong talons and body structure.  The breeding pairs mate for life and tend to have quite large territories with several nest sites.  The distinguishing features between male and female are that the female is larger with a larger beak.  The birds mature at about five years old and look for a territory in wooded areas with new regenerative growth.

Young eagles are a mid-brown colour with slightly lighter and reddish-brown wings and head. As they grow older, their colour becomes darker, reaching a dark blackish-brown shade after about 10 years (birds in Tasmania are usually darker than those on the mainland). Adult females tend to be slightly paler than males. Although it rarely needs to be distinguished from other Aquila eagles, its long, wedge-shaped tail is unique to this species.

Bruny Island is an excellent site with its mature gums and wooded areas.  Wildlife Trips are available on the Island