Fairy Penguins

Bruny Island Neck viewing platform for Penguins

Fairy Penguins are one of the most popular of visitor attractions to Bruny Island.   The main viewing area is Fairy Penguin or small penguinsituated between north and south Bruny on an area known as the neck.  Viewing an observation platforms have been constructed to not only observe the wonderful beach view, but also the Fairy Penguins

Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve-Fairy penguin and muttonbird (short-tailed shearwater) rookeries are easily viewed from the stairway and observation platform at the Neck. During the nesting seasons (September-February for penguins, and September-April for muttonbirds) these fascinating birds can be seen returning to their burrows at dusk. Take a torch to The Neck in the evenings and you can watch penguins returning to their burrows on the bridge between the two isles. Catching and browsing on  fresh fish is a local ritual.Neck Beach also provides great opportunities for seaside strolls.

There are formed walking tracks to Cape Queen Elizabeth, Moorina Bay and Church Hill.

Caring for Penguins-An information booth at the Neck outlines a few basic rules to observe when penguin watching. Please familiarise yourself with these. Avoid wearing bright clothing when planning a visit to the rookeries and remember to take extra care when driving across the Neck at night.   The best viewing period is during the warmer months of September to February. 

Fairy Penguin observation point

Take care for Fairy Penguins