About Bruny Island website

This website is a non commercial website constructed in memory of my late friend from Bruny Island, Bob Hewitt.  The website does however, make a small amount of income from Google advertising and Booking. com links to pay for hosting etc.  Otherwise, entries are free of charge and open to all within the community, or linked to Bruny Island.

If you wish to advertise, or, correct any errors, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.  alan@explorescotland.net

My name is Alan Parker and I am a regular visitor to Bruny and I have a passion for islands, Bruny in particular.  I live on the Isle of Mull in Scotland and have a tourism business along with a guy called James Ratray, called Explore Scotland.  My wife and I have self catering accommodation (self contained, or vacation rental) on Mull.

Mull is very similar to Bruny, but of course, the other way up.  If thrives on tourism, forestry, farming,  fishing and eco boat trips to see our whales, dolphins and scenery.  The people are hardy islanders used to ferry problems, bad weather, general communication issues and bad roads.  Sound familiar?  Many are incomers, ex hippies, artistic, entrepreneurs and have two heads.  Sound familiar?

Wildlife is, I believe, the biggest potential asset that both our islands have and that is why I have aimed this website to dominate in this area.  That is not to say that the combination of all of our businesses doesn’t contribute to the overall picture, its just that a ‘focus’ is required.  I’m watching both Bruny and Mull businesses related to eco and wildlife tourism doing the best, with all other businesses benefiting from this ‘focus’ and promotion.

Bob Hewitt was my friend on Bruny and this website was started and never completed, as was the Facebook page. Over the next time period I hope to complete it and make it a tourism pointing website with a wildlife and eco ‘focus’.

Would be nice to ‘twin’ both islands?